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How to Search and Join Telegram Channels

Published on: 2021-02-10 | Author: Editor

You can search for Telegram channels in Telegram Directory (TDIRECTORY) and subscribe to your favorite channels with a single button click. To know more, continue reading this blog post.

Telegram Directory is the largest catalog of Telegram channels in the world. Here, you can find any Telegram Channel by entering the channel name or by providing a keyword. All matching channels are listed according to the relevance, you can view the basic details and if interested, explore more details about the channel by clicking on the channel logo or name, which will take you to the details page.

The details page shows the extended information about the channel and detailed analytics. Also you can read the user reviews and ratings to get to know more from the subscribers. Even you can find all related channels at the bottom of the page. Click on the subscribe button to join the channel, if you are on a smart phone, this will open the channel in Telegram App else the Telegram Web.

Step 1: Open Telegram Directory

Navigate to Telegram Directory. You will see all the top Telegram channels listed there.

Step 2: Enter your search keyword

Now you can enter the name of keyword of the channel you are searching for. Let's say, you are looking for top news channels to get all latest news on your Telegram App, enter "news" in the search box and click on "Search"

Step 3: Channel Search Result

You will be taken to a search result page with all the channels matching the search keyword. In the above example, you will see all top news Telegram channels listed with its logo, name, number of subscribers and a short description.

Step 4: Channel Details

Click on the channel name or logo to go to the channel details page. You can see the detailed description, in-depth analytics, user reviews and other related information on this page.

Step 5: Subscribing to a channel

This is the last step, click on the Subscribe button on the top header, which will open up Telegram App (on Mobile) or Telegram Web (on Desktop). Click on the JOIN button and follow the on-screen instructions to join the channel.


We saw how Telegram Directory can be used to find Telegram channels. If you are not able to find the channel you are looking for, don't worry, use the contact form to reach out to us, we will provide you the right information and guide you to the right channel.


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