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Fil reviewed functionsrobot on 2021-06-10 12:39:47

I love This bot
rashidahani reviewed BitMoneyboxMiningBot on 2021-05-23 20:46:41

Felix reviewed DotaFarmingBot on 2021-04-16 01:14:09

Dota farming bot for Telegram is totally fake and an absolutely waste of time. The bot don't pay. So don't add even a single cent, because you will lost it. At the end when you have enough to extract, the bot say that you haven't enough to do the extraction.
martie willemse reviewed BTC_Miner_freebot on 2021-04-12 12:27:55

Hi there i join this BTC bot on 28Jan 2021 Did all the requerments by had my 10 referals by the 5 March 2021. did a withdraw on that sameday of 0.01215596 bitcoin. i Got a messages that withdraw was sucsesfull and that i wil receive payment within 30 workingdays that shouldef being on the 9 April 2021 today it is the 12 April 2021. STILL NO PAYMENT RECEIVED CAN I GET ANSWERS PLEASE OR CAN I REPORT THIS AS A SCAM.. I also waiting for a second withdraw of 0.0054888 bitcoin on the 14 March 2021.
Joel Jenkinson reviewed BTC_Miner_freebot on 2021-04-10 05:41:30

I have a friend who has the 10 people and the minimum, and he's waiting for a withdrawal since late Feb. Apparently its 30 working days? Who knew? My friend says he knows a guy who successfully withdrew, but I have no proof of this. If anyone at all got any successful withdrawl please do let us all know! Thanks