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Welcome to the (un)official group for discussion between fans of LTT and all things tech in general.


Message an admin if you want in the off topic/NSFW chat (18+ only)\

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2020-12-02 20:58:06 : nice

2020-12-02 20:11:09 : great, I'm sick again Not looking forward to 12 hours of work

2020-12-02 19:52:17 : Or only plan on keeping it for collection?

2020-12-02 19:52:01 : Do u even have a computer that could use it

2020-12-02 19:38:25 : Got it for a dollar

2020-12-02 19:38:19 : I found an awe32 at some rando 2nd hand shop

2020-12-02 19:37:11 : Maybe

2020-12-02 19:36:57 : After some time I'm sure they can do it as a nasal spray

2020-12-02 19:36:41 : Don't forget that you need to get a second dose 2 weeks after the first



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