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The Huddlehumans Community is a safe and affirming environment where you will be able to be YOURSELF, share your mental health struggles, and how you are really feeling without being judged ♥️

Our Official Mental Health Channel 👇


Huddlehumans Mental Health Support Community group is growing at a rate of -9% and has a potential to reach 5262 people. Advertisers can reach out to the group admin for any advertising opportunities within this group.


The Huddlehumans Mental Health Community is a safe and affirming environment where you will be able to be YOURSELF, share your mental health struggles and how you are really feeling without being judged ♥

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2020-12-25 12:05:41 : user#806817934 : I mean. ... Do you think... we are like some huge chemical molecules. Or do you think this is a simulation. What is our existence. Why do we exist. If we know why we exist.. we might be able to know how we exist. And how we exist might be the solution.

2020-12-25 12:03:00 : user#806817934 : For the starters... Blocked everyone I care about in WhatsApp.

2020-12-25 12:01:26 : user#806817934 : It's like.... When your system hangs(because of deadlock ignorance), you force press the power button to reboot. Only problem is I don't have a reboot. Or reset.

2020-12-25 12:00:16 : user#806817934 : Not one I don't.

2020-12-25 12:00:10 : user#806817934 : I regret every decision in my life. Like each one of them.

2020-12-25 11:59:17 : user#806817934 : Trigger warning: suicidal (?) Kinda. I am scared. I have a shit load of prescription medications... What if I just go out of this procrastination phase for a while and become reckless. I am not impulsive in general.

2020-12-25 11:58:50 : user#909117236 : 🥳 Welcome huddler SHARAFUDHEEN! ⚠ Rules: ❗Importance of Trigger Warnings: 📢 Channel: @huddlehumansofficial ℹ️ About us: @abouthuddlehumans

2020-12-25 11:58:17 : user#923833952 : If I misunderstood your "how to end this misery" I apologize. We just like to make sure we are all kept safe and healthy :) Hopefully some folks who can relate to you will be able to answer here and help you out :)

2020-12-25 11:57:13 : user#806817934 : Like if someone can relate

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    2020-11-18 04:49:10

    This group literally saved me from my mental health troubles and when I was contemplating suicide. It's amazing how the community is filled with so many amazing and patient people backed up with a tactful and sensitive team. Thank you for helping me and thank you for getting me back up to fight life head on.

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