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A GRoUP Of eBooKz® is a popular Telegram group with 29,534 members. There are 18 reviews available for this group with an average 4.0 star rating. You may join this group by clicking the "Join Group" button (link opens in Telegram Messenger) on the left.

@EbookzGroup is a group for sharing @Ebookz on different languages & genres. Members can request as well as share ebookz here.

Ebook Collections : @EbookzCollection
Magazine : @EbookzMag
Hindi : @Hindiebooks
Physics : @Phybooks


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    2021-06-02 10:11:36


  • User Avatar

    2021-06-02 10:10:48

    https://t.me/bookskhajana Their new group...You are welcome

  • User Avatar

    2021-05-04 19:08:16

    this was such a wonderful group. I used to be so eager to check for the book that I got like getting a present every time. Please come back again like you did before. Love all your efforts.

  • User Avatar

    2021-05-04 07:58:31

    Any new link, please?

  • User Avatar

    2021-04-08 17:12:41

    What a real shame is to found out this group is closed! It was a fantastic group. If you create a new one, pleaaaaaase, I would like it so much to join you. If I can be of any help, just let me know :-)

  • User Avatar

    2021-04-03 22:36:38

    Please, does anyone has any new link to share? I would love to join the group again...

  • User Avatar

    2021-03-25 15:27:14

    Any new link please...

  • User Avatar

    2021-03-21 20:57:22

    Lets assemble here New link : https://t.me/joinchat/3RDdZyDIjfAzN2U0

  • User Avatar

    2021-03-20 12:36:16

    Any new link?

  • User Avatar
    xyrhyll ramos

    2021-03-20 05:11:29

    i was so shocked to found out that the group was no longer available. I was a member for years and it helped me a lot to download the books that I want for free. I hope that you can make a new group so we can join again

  • User Avatar

    2021-03-17 11:03:49

    It was an excellent group for all my book needs. Its just so sad that it got removed. Now with all the books that I have collected over the years I'm trying to create a group for book worms. Here is the link. https://t.me/ebooks_2 Please join and spread the word. Lets make another big community for books. For the love of books. https://t.me/ebooks_2

  • User Avatar
    Shabeer m k

    2021-03-16 08:50:53

    It is very unfortunate for all of us that our group just vanished all in a sudden. Really wishing to see the group working all well

  • User Avatar

    2021-03-16 08:29:14

    Very unfortunate to know that this wonderful Ebookz group has been flagged for copyright infringement!! Hopefully, the group will be restarted soon!

  • User Avatar

    2021-03-16 05:52:36

    I am really sad to know that this group is no longer in use. Is there any group equivalent to this group? Can the admin create another one..?

  • User Avatar

    2021-03-15 20:36:47

    Please create a new group on may be another platform like keybase or some other encrypted means.. please re share thz content

  • User Avatar

    2021-03-15 19:17:24

    A group of ebookz is the best there is our there. It's a family of booklovers, the best part was requesting for a book and having it before you know it but today March 15 the group is no longer available for to copyright infringement. Please please update when a new group forms. I am still a big part of it

  • User Avatar

    2021-03-15 18:09:31

    I have been part of the group for years but today 15/03/21this group got coppyright strike and my heart sunk seeing that. Please 🙏 someone provide link of the group if new one is created on any platform Thanks a lot A Group of Ebookz for your selfless service would love to connect with you back again

  • User Avatar

    2021-03-15 10:20:28

    Hi I’ve been part of the group, but today i found out it’s unavailable due to copyright infringement and i wanna know if there’s a new group or if there’s a way to contact the admin Thank you

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