Dota Farming

Dota Farming is a popular Telegram Bot. There are 4 reviews available for this bot with an average 4.0 star rating.

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Dota Farming

Telegram bot 'Dota Farming' focuses on game systems & consoles, games, arcade & coin-op games, board games, chess & abstract strategy games and you may start this bot by clicking the "Start" button (link opens in Telegram Messenger).

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    Vishal Raj

    2022-01-05 13:13:40

    I have been using this bot for quite sometime, results are good. Give it a try.

  • User Avatar

    2021-10-05 19:27:57

    You want real paying telegram bot? No deposit, no fees, no scam, fraud anything... Check this out

  • User Avatar

    2021-04-16 01:14:09

    Dota farming bot for Telegram is totally fake and an absolutely waste of time. The bot don't pay. So don't add even a single cent, because you will lost it. At the end when you have enough to extract, the bot say that you haven't enough to do the extraction.

  • User Avatar

    2019-02-07 02:11:44

    This is legit farming as of now feb 7, 2019 Dota Farming: Invite your friends and receive 100 💎 as a bonus and 30% from every deposit of your friend. You income is unlimited!

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