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2020-09-22 08:18:46 : user#53325169 : šŸ¤£

2020-09-22 07:33:13 : user#734880935 : šŸ˜³šŸ˜³

2020-09-22 07:29:11 : user#164477448 : jebat

2020-09-22 04:48:28 : user#150787189 : Gi kedai mintak dia break kan lock tu.

2020-09-22 04:46:08 : user#245454635 : Yup second.. so kena buat apa ya? Sya beli dgan org.. sya owner ke-3..

2020-09-22 04:44:42 : user#150787189 : Iphone tu beli seken? Maybe masih under contract

2020-09-22 04:41:39 : user#245454635 : Mcm mane tu? SIM card lain sya try pun still x detect..

2020-09-22 04:35:59 : user#150787189 : phone locked by telco?

2020-09-22 04:28:17 : user#245454635 : simcard is not installed.. x leh detect dkat iphone x.. hp lain detect.. sbb apa ya?

2020-09-22 03:08:23 : user#122023037 : Try Google search error tu. The windows wireless service is not running..

2020-09-22 03:04:31 : user#80893243 : ada yang tahu cara nak solved ni?

2020-09-22 02:35:47 : user#159315779 : I have , just pm me and give your bank pass with acc bank

2020-09-22 02:14:07 : user#251300786 : Hi sent me wonder share dr.fone. phone manager crack plzzz sent me

2020-09-22 02:12:50 : user#150787189 : taip 'accounts' kat search box sebelah windows icon

2020-09-22 02:02:32 : user#544677594 : Jika ada 2 username macamana nak delete jadi satu je? Dah lupa dah...šŸ˜‚

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