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WhiteHatSec is a popular telegram bot belongs to writers resources, fire & security services, computer security, hacking & cracking, home safety & security. You can start this bot by clicking the Start button on top of this page or add it to a Group you own or administrate.

There are 17 reviews available for this bot and received an average 4 star rating.

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Whitehat Security Bot was made and maintain by @samrat001 on Telegram. This bot provides paid courses, and resources related to Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking and other IT stuffs for free. If you are one of those who always wanted to learn hacking but didn't find any resources then you should check-out this bot i guarantee you that you will never regret.

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You can add WhiteHatSec to any Telegram Group or Super Group by first clicking the Start button on top of this page, which will open up the Telegram bot page in the browser or in the Mobile App. Now tap the three dots (or click on the profile image) which will open up a menu where you select Add to Group option. This will list all the Groups and Super Groups you are an admin, select the group for which you want to add the bot and you are done!

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WhiteHatSec Bot Reviews (17)

  • User Avatar
    Abdul Aziz

    2024-04-21 15:20:29

    This bot is excellent and very helpful for cyber security.

  • User Avatar

    2023-04-04 18:50:05

    Very helpful bot ! Thanks for it

  • User Avatar
    Himanshu Agarwal

    2023-03-25 16:53:06

    Excellent bot with a brief knowledge of Cyber Security.

  • User Avatar

    2023-03-25 16:49:56

    best bot on telegram, this bot are one stop solution of all hackers, thank you for launching this bot, thank you WHITEHAT SECURITY.

  • User Avatar

    2022-03-26 16:50:48

    Many things have been kept well in it like there are many good tools and courses in tech, I will definitely ask you to check it.

  • User Avatar
    Yash Hemantkumar dave

    2022-03-26 16:46:37

    This bot is very nice and very helpful for sayber security

  • User Avatar
    Samyak jain

    2022-03-26 15:33:20

    This bot is very useful for cyber security and IT stuff this bot is fully assigned in the category of tool you will get almost every common tool which is used for hacking & this is also useful to get a kick in the cyber security or ethical hacking if you want to start in cyber security you will get toons of courses in this bot personally. i am using this bot from many time i get every tool i want in this bot if you are not from cyber security you will get Windows & kali and many other ISO files.

  • User Avatar
    Tony stark

    2022-03-26 15:25:45

    One of the best bot for cyber security Student You can find very use full tools O.S scripts and all the cyber security stuff Lots of love Mihir bro ❤

  • User Avatar
    Shivam Tiwari

    2022-03-26 15:03:24

    Amazing!!!!!!!! Very useful bot ... There are many hacking tools and tutorials here, go and try it....

  • User Avatar
    Venkata pavan

    2022-03-26 15:00:20

    Great bot with a brief knowledge for Ethical Hackers!!!

  • User Avatar
    Sunil Soni

    2022-03-26 14:58:48

    One stop solution for learning hacking techniques, contains pdf books, tutorials, tools and much more....

  • User Avatar
    Sunil Soni

    2022-03-26 14:55:28

    Excellent bot and very much helpful for learning cyber security, contains PDF Books, Video tutorials, tools and much more. Overall one stop solution for the cyber security practitioners.

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