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I will help you download any videos in almost every possible resolution including 1080p,720p,480p. you can also convert any video into MP3, All you have to do is just search any video using @utubebot inline mode. 🇮🇷 من به شما کمک میکنم تا ویدئوهای یوتیوب را در کیفیت های متفاوت موجود ۱۰۸۰، ۷۲۰ و یا ۴۸۰ مگاپیکسل دانلود کنید. شما همچنین می توانید به سرعت این ویدئوها را به MP3 تبدیل کنید. تنها کاری که شما باید انجام دهید این است که لینک ویدئوی یوتیوب موردنظر رو برای من ارسال کنید.

I am the Best Video Downloader with MP3 Conversion support. To search videos use @utubebot inline mode. 🤠


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Covid - Why most of what you know is wrong

Sebastian Rushworth demonstrates that Covid-19 is nowhere near as bad as it is portrayed by the mainstream media. He shows that the mortality rate is below 0.2%, meaning that for most people the risk of dying if infected is less than 1 in 500. The disease preferentially strikes people who are anyway very close to the end of life, so the amount of lifetime lost when someone dies of the disease is usually tiny. He also shows that 98% of people who get Covid are fully recovered within three months, and that there is no good evidence that Covid results in long term health consequences.