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Bot Description:

Protocore is a text-based MMO space exploration game. Official chat group: Protocore has ship upgrades, items, outposts, quests, and more for you to discover in a massive, procedurally-generated universe, and leaderboards for you to edge your friends out of. See if you can find all the items and finish all the quests! Protocore is always evolving, with new ships, items, and quests coming online all the time!

Protocore is a text-based MMO space exploration game.


  • /help: show extended commands list
  • /commands: alias of help
  • /launch: Initializes your character and enters you into the universe
  • /ship: Gives you stats of your current ship
  • /player: Gives your current player stats
  • /inventory: Lists all the items in your inventory
  • /planet: Gives information about the planet you're currenly orbiting
  • /base


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