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MrKrabs is a popular telegram bot belongs to networking, data formats & protocols, network monitoring & management, vpn & remote access, plumbing. You can start this bot by clicking the Start button on top of this page or add it to a Group you own or administrate.

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Hey if you want to come earn some money with me. 7 days free trial! Work with a professional better and using their bets the post to earn money and post which ones they Win and lose so you can see how efficient they are. Customer support always active, plus ask the owner for questions on how it works if you are unsure, plus posts memes for fun and community poles. When we reach 60 subscribers there will be money drops (Name on Wheel, if lands on you, you earn money.

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how to add MrKrabs bot to a group

You can add MrKrabs to any Telegram Group or Super Group by first clicking the Start button on top of this page, which will open up the Telegram bot page in the browser or in the Mobile App. Now tap the three dots (or click on the profile image) which will open up a menu where you select Add to Group option. This will list all the Groups and Super Groups you are an admin, select the group for which you want to add the bot and you are done!

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