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ETH Ads is a popular telegram bot belongs to music streams & downloads, radio, off-road vehicles, public relations, retail trade. You can start this bot by clicking the Start button on top of this page or add it to a Group you own or administrate.

There are 4 reviews available for this bot and received an average 2 star rating.

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how to add ETH Ads bot to a group

You can add ETH Ads to any Telegram Group or Super Group by first clicking the Start button on top of this page, which will open up the Telegram bot page in the browser or in the Mobile App. Now tap the three dots (or click on the profile image) which will open up a menu where you select Add to Group option. This will list all the Groups and Super Groups you are an admin, select the group for which you want to add the bot and you are done!

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ETH Ads Bot Reviews (4)

  • User Avatar
    mohammed abd alaziz awadh almousibely

    2023-03-19 08:09:52

    its a SCAAAM i wrked almost 50 days in this platform no payment and no body to talk to you it is suspecious since the begining because it shows will give a lot of etherum by just clicking on a button and other bots offering a fraction of that they wasted poor peoples time they must pay the price

  • User Avatar

    2021-08-06 14:00:49

    Its not clear on how we get or how to withraw our ethereum from the eth ads.

  • User Avatar
    Bob de Diego

    2021-02-17 02:27:52

    Already as an experiment, met the requirements, reached the minimum threshhold to withdraw, did that and the bot states that I need to wait to get paid within the next 30 business days. Will wait and see. Regards,

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