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There are 17 reviews available for this bot and received an average 2 star rating.

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You can add BTC Miner to any Telegram Group or Super Group by first clicking the Start button on top of this page, which will open up the Telegram bot page in the browser or in the Mobile App. Now tap the three dots (or click on the profile image) which will open up a menu where you select Add to Group option. This will list all the Groups and Super Groups you are an admin, select the group for which you want to add the bot and you are done!

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BTC Miner Bot Reviews (17)

  • User Avatar
    martie willemse

    2021-04-12 12:27:55

    Hi there i join this BTC bot on 28Jan 2021 Did all the requerments by had my 10 referals by the 5 March 2021. did a withdraw on that sameday of 0.01215596 bitcoin. i Got a messages that withdraw was sucsesfull and that i wil receive payment within 30 workingdays that shouldef being on the 9 April 2021 today it is the 12 April 2021. STILL NO PAYMENT RECEIVED CAN I GET ANSWERS PLEASE OR CAN I REPORT THIS AS A SCAM.. I also waiting for a second withdraw of 0.0054888 bitcoin on the 14 March 2021.

  • User Avatar
    Joel Jenkinson

    2021-04-10 05:41:30

    I have a friend who has the 10 people and the minimum, and he's waiting for a withdrawal since late Feb. Apparently its 30 working days? Who knew? My friend says he knows a guy who successfully withdrew, but I have no proof of this. If anyone at all got any successful withdrawl please do let us all know! Thanks

  • User Avatar

    2021-03-06 13:36:08

    Hi Guys I have found a legit bot that actually pays out. Here’s the link, message me if you have any questions

  • User Avatar

    2021-03-03 09:46:29

    Try this bot by clicking the link

  • User Avatar

    2021-02-02 19:39:54

    i have done everything i need to do, and have reqyested a withdrawal, they said it can take up to 30days on the free plan and i am hoping to get it, let you guys know from today if.i do get it, or not within 30days

  • User Avatar

    2021-02-02 19:37:12


  • User Avatar

    2021-01-03 02:29:53

    Try this working one

  • User Avatar
    Jaime Meza Torres

    2020-12-30 02:36:01

    Ya sobrepasé el límite minimo para retirar, rumbo al 1.000.000 de satoshis y me faltan solamente 2 referidos, me he dado cuenta de la mala fama de este bot, pero seguiré hasta el final, pienso pagar la comision para minero V1 a ver si de verdad se acredita en mi billetera de blockchain, y ahi vere si es una estafa...

  • User Avatar

    2020-10-28 16:46:52

    ya llegue a los 10 tres veces, hoy vencia el plazo, aun sigo esperando, espero sea por como es el proceso de pago en bitcoin y no sea por los que estan detras de la aplicacion.btc miner

  • User Avatar

    2020-04-20 00:39:59

    Darn was hoping to find out more here but looks like no one reporting success. I was also trying to (suck) in temn friends so I could see if the withdrawal would work as I have accumulated 0.05 BTC. Current rate is $300+

  • User Avatar

    2019-11-17 15:34:19


  • User Avatar
    Richard Lopez

    2019-08-18 18:29:19

    paga o no paga?

  • User Avatar

    2019-08-02 00:34:48

    It bot scam or can withdraw .

  • User Avatar
    VÕ Triệu Quỳnh Dao

    2019-06-15 12:19:57

    I send BTC for bot on 14/06/2019 14:51:47. But my account did not upgrade to withdraw my BTC

  • User Avatar

    2019-04-09 08:12:17

    sent payment not upgraded, other reviews say once you reach the withdrawl limit you need to invite 10 friends to withdraw, am going to test

  • User Avatar

    2019-01-14 09:41:36

    Did it finally pay you? Is it SCAM?

  • User Avatar

    2018-12-18 13:34:47

    I send btc for this bot , but it s not make my account vip!

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