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There are 14 reviews available for this bot and received an average 3 star rating.

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You can add AutoBit Robot to any Telegram Group or Super Group by first clicking the Start button on top of this page, which will open up the Telegram bot page in the browser or in the Mobile App. Now tap the three dots (or click on the profile image) which will open up a menu where you select Add to Group option. This will list all the Groups and Super Groups you are an admin, select the group for which you want to add the bot and you are done!

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AutoBit Robot Bot Reviews (14)

  • User Avatar
    Trần Quang Huy

    2020-01-18 10:47:43

    Tôi không thể nào rút được tiền ra từ bot này.

  • User Avatar

    2020-01-14 19:00:44

    I have 87 bitcoins in this bot , but I have no idea how to withdraw it , if any one knows I will give him 5 bitcoins , contact me ([email protected])

  • User Avatar

    2019-09-15 14:01:03

    I have completed 10 referrals, sent btc required amount for upgrades, been running the app for 2 months straight non-stop, i have not accumulated any points, still unable to withdraw and my account has not been upgraded still... I sent an email to support team and still did not get any response for about a month now. Sweet... Am not really sure whether autobit robot is legit or not but i am hoping to hear from them.

  • User Avatar

    2019-09-09 12:35:41

    Someone who is interested here is the link

  • User Avatar

    2019-09-07 19:44:19

    Hey Revi How to chat you from another country? You don't have WhatsApp, Duo,... Don't know your email also Still the same like the others, I sent BTC but the upgrade was not done so cannot withdraw anything... WhatsApp me +22557067933 / email: [email protected]

  • User Avatar

    2019-08-25 04:42:40

    Legit 100%, I received 0.0154 BTC, if you ask me how? Chat me +6282214769146

  • User Avatar

    2019-08-25 04:38:24

    So very good, i got 0.0265 BTC from this BOT

  • User Avatar

    2019-08-09 00:17:37

    Prácticamente nunca retiras , si no es que deves llegar a 0.005 es que tienes que a 10 amigos , y luego a tener 100 puntos, lo que te obliga a invertir, ..... para mi es estafa

  • User Avatar

    2019-07-25 16:07:56

    First you have to collect btc to withdraw than they ask you refer 10 people even you refer 10 people you have to collect 100 points to withdraw... With a simple word it is a SCAM

  • User Avatar

    2019-07-24 08:27:00

    You know.... I have high hopes for this robot and I look forward to getting better service from the creators of this automated system. This morning i transferred BTC to purchase the AutoBit One bot. I emailed a screenshot of the transaction and a reply is still pending. I have rated it two stars for the time being, as i will update my review should they respond to my email. the reason I haven't lost all hope is because my friend needed his email updated and they corrected his email within 24hrs

  • User Avatar

    2019-07-23 18:20:55

    This bot very full SCAM take care guys

  • User Avatar
    Tamara Sullivan

    2019-07-20 20:10:17

    Kevin do you have an update from your last post. Did they ever upgrade your account? I want to upgrade so I can withdraw my earnings but don't know if I can trust it. How do they even know you are the one sending the money?

  • User Avatar

    2019-07-06 15:15:50

    Проверил лично.Сначала для того что бы вывести минималку, запросили 10 рефералов.Пригласил(хотя в условиях этого не было)Далее более интересное условие появилось - Нужно иметь какие то очки на балансе,а их у меня яко бы "0" Что бы их набрать,мой хотя бы один реферал,должен вывести битки с баланса (БРЕД) или внести 0,10 битка на счет!Вывод СКАМ чистой воды!НЕ ТРАТЬТЕ ВРЕМЯ НА ЭТИХ МОШЕННИКОВ!

  • User Avatar

    2019-07-02 09:01:43

    Paid to upgrade the account two days ago. Account wasn't upgraded, emailed to [email protected] but no response for the past two days. Please stay away. Don't click start!

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