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Group '[EN] Data Science / AI / ML / Big Data 👮‍♂️ Protected by R2D2' focuses on music education & instruction, campers & rvs, cargo trucks & trailers, trucks & suvs, construction & maintenance and you may join this group by clicking the above "Join Group" button (link opens in Telegram App).

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All about Data Science: AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, and how to cook it right.

Russian community: @bigdata_ru
Questions: @hitmaker
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2020-11-28 07:40:59 : user#854794468 : Coformula is looking for data science and machine learning enthusiasts who will join their renowned world-class team to build the product that has the potential of changing the pharmaceutical industry and processes globally. Coformula is a company based in Singapore that is using the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data to make drug formulation faster and cheaper for the pharmaceutical industries globally. The opening is a remote opportunity and you would not need to move to or relocat

2020-11-23 18:43:41 : user#59308611 : Hi all, Anybody here work with spark? I have problem passing nls_date_format to my jdbc connection

2020-11-20 22:17:48 : user#840328285 : Okay,, I have a final project generate motive using PSGAN. In my project i want to apply distributed learning. And for distributed i use Spark and BigDL. But i am newbie in spark how distributed work in CNN. Thanks

2020-11-20 22:14:20 : user#196895 : Please tell us in more detail what exactly you need help with?

2020-11-20 22:12:12 : user#840328285 : Hallo everyone👋 is anyone experienced with BigDL in Spark? Focus on distributed learning. Thank you very much

2020-11-18 09:12:10 : user#203676239 : Если вы думали, что современные медицинские открытия совершаются только учеными-супергероями, то вот интересный факт: специалисты по Data Science тоже в этом замешаны. Аналитики работают с большим массивом данных и просто творят чудеса. Помогают делать прогнозы развития болезней и хирургических рисков во время операций, находить связь между видами рака и комбинацией генов, выявлять риск побочных эффектов от лекарств. И это далеко не все. Хотите окунуться в мир исследований? Тогда записывайтес

2020-11-15 05:14:02 : user#546434562 : Hello, Ive curated a few datasets on Kaggle. Just trying to put em out there 😅 . Do take a look at them and create a notebook if you find any interesting. Fish species Image data : https://www.kaggle.com/sripaadsrinivasan/fish-species-image-data Pro Kabaddi Season 1-7 stats : https://www.kaggle.com/sripaadsrinivasan/prokabadiseassion17stats Tesla autonomous deaths data : https://www.kaggle.com/sripaadsrinivasan/tesla-death-data IPL 2020 Tweets : https://www.kaggle.com/sripaadsrinivasan/ipl-2020-

2020-11-14 06:20:07 : user#677416096 : Vi

2020-11-12 14:22:30 : user#196895 : @ms_mnmn_research could you repeat please? Our bot did it wrong :)

2020-11-10 20:28:04 : user#59308611 : Hi everyone, I want to load an oracle table with multiple clob column which contains all kinds of special characters like "//", *, (), [], etc.. , i use pyspark sql context with jdbc connections for writing data to csv so i can import it to mysql. Also try to check the value column for 1 row but it doesn't display the full content(i use .show(truncate=False)) Is there any way so i can directly read correct data from oracle then insert to mysql?? I try to do the migration from oracle to

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Group data analytics based on historical data

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