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World history in pictures. Epic and historical pictures everytime, right in your Telegram!

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@historicalpictures : Bon Scott, 1976 https://t.co/rrtUxsQT8N
Posted on 2020-09-13 19:36:27 | Viewed 1901 times


@historicalpictures : Little Richard performs during the Liberty Bowl halftime show in Memphis, Tennessee on December 31, 2004 https://t.co/p2MoS5sENj

Posted on 2021-03-24 17:36:25 | 25 views

@historicalpictures : Kiss, 1983 https://t.co/Tt6ZqvkpkL

Posted on 2021-03-23 21:36:26 | 147 views

@historicalpictures : Elvis Presley, 1964 https://t.co/gLFyu8mVcQ

Posted on 2021-03-21 02:36:31 | 308 views

@historicalpictures : New York Dolls, 1973 https://t.co/0tqu8viwZw

Posted on 2021-03-17 00:36:15 | 479 views

@historicalpictures : Mick Jagger, 1965 https://t.co/ZuQRi51RH7

Posted on 2021-03-11 01:36:21 | 674 views

@historicalpictures : The Beatles, 1969 https://t.co/lyEqsSp777

Posted on 2021-03-02 01:36:38 | 931 views

@historicalpictures : Nirvana, 1991 https://t.co/1G7BTGb2Ax

Posted on 2021-02-20 18:36:37 | 1060 views

@historicalpictures : Bon Scott, 1979 https://t.co/1Avm8eXmLO

Posted on 2021-02-20 01:36:43 | 959 views

@historicalpictures : Van Halen performing at the Mississippi River Jam on July 16, 1978 https://t.co/Bb9rY3vlhC

Posted on 2021-02-13 00:36:21 | 1140 views

@historicalpictures : Guns N' Roses, 1989 https://t.co/wg17Dj42Lu

Posted on 2021-02-06 15:36:42 | 1283 views

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