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    kushal ck

    2021-03-03 09:11:55

    she is a fraud , first she asked me to invest 2700 and then she said i earned 36000 profits and then asked me to send commission 1600 first and i did and then my live balance went to 0 and then she again asked me to invest 1000 as some scheme error happened and i did and lastly she was like please invest 500 i will give u double profits i was quite reluctant but i did pay her . just to realize she was just faking it takes hours to reply and replies quickly only when she needs some deposits

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    Vimal Kumar

    2021-02-23 12:44:46

    She is a fraud woman ..don't believe there..she cheated on us using binany app .I I have losted 5k .she believe her words ,she make false promise just pay 3000 you will get 50000 ,later she will say some no sense and cheated on you...she don't believe like me

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    2021-02-03 05:33:41

    She is a big fraud person on telegram, if you already join her channel plz leave her channel she will cheat you guys. Plz beware from her I want to give her minus star 😠😠😠😠😠

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    2021-01-26 11:19:08

    Hi friends, don't believe this girl , she is very fraud person and shee ask first deposit 2700 and again 1600 for commission and there is no any profit all images and promotions are fake , and she don't have any alogoritham and all till I don't know how she has 11k subscribers and name is MAYA RADJA

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    2020-12-23 13:21:58

    She is a big froad women on telegram Beware from her, she thugs people Her Post and videos are totally fake, she saw a dreams of making money in 20 mins, but She thugs people, Don't trust her at any cost

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    2020-12-23 13:16:05

    Maya radja is a totally froad person on telegram, ahe cheats people, She post edited pics of algorithm, don't trust her guys, her posts and videos are totally fake. First she said dear deposit 2400rs then after she said deposit another 1500 rs and she lost the whole money. After she can't reply One day she text me ase said Make a promotional video for me and I will return your money, but after she doesn't replied me And she make a another telegram page and post the video

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    2020-12-22 02:37:44

    On telegram I joined her channel . She requested to open account on binany and tell me to deposit the amount 1100 I was continuosly asking for genuineness and trust. How it works. She told me that it's trading andi will do trading first time for u n them u will do it ur own . The moment I deposited money she went offline or she blocked waited for a night but she didn't came online or my mages not getting delivering. It's fraud guys. Actually on her channel 11.k ppl subscribed that makes me

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