🤖 CashTip (Beta) is a popular Telegram Bot. There are no reviews available for now. You may start this bot by clicking the "Start" button (link opens in Telegram Messenger) on the left.

Bot Description

This bot allows you to receive, store and send Bitcoin Cash on Telegram. 💰 To get started, create a deposit address or ask a friend to send you some pandas. 💁 Once you have some bits, share them with your friends. 🌐 You can withdraw your bits at any time. ℹ️ Need help and usage tricks? Use the command /help!

Tipping bot for Bitcoin Cash. Deposit, store and share bits with your friends.


  • /deposit: Get your deposit address
  • /balance: Show your balance
  • /tip: - Send amount to another user
  • /withdraw:
    - Withdraw your funds to an address
  • /address: Get your deposit address
  • /scavenge: Migrate your account (ask admin)
  • /about: Information about this bot
  • /help: Get help about this bot


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